Howard Stern brought “Wild Boy” and “Jackass”, Steve O into the studio to be the last E! show guest this morning, but first had to let one other guy say goodbye to the E! crew. Howard brought High Pitch Eric in, but as soon as Eric started to talk, he also brought a guy named Dino into the studio which flipped Eric out. Dino manages Ferrara’s Restaurant and Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy club in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, which is how he became acquainted with Eric.

Dino explained how he had catered a meal for Eric and about 14 of his friends/family for Easter a while back and how Eric paid with a bad check and has been dodging the $650 tab ever since. Eric apologized profusely, (for the entire time he was in the studio) and said he would make it right. Eric explained he was having financial difficulties, but was working on a “movie” with Tabitha Stevens so he would be able to pay Dino soon. Everyone was doubtful this would actually ever pan out though, based on Eric’s past behavior.

Eric tried to leave at one point, but Howard reminded him he had to shake on his deal with Dino. Eric reluctantly returned with fear in his voice. Eric was just lucky he got out of there without meeting the fish the guys had lined up for him.

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