Psychic Medium Laura Cifaldi – Bio

About Laura

I am a psychic medium and have been able to connect with spirits since the age of four. As a young child, I remember connecting with deceased family members and Angels. At the time, I didn’t realize I had a gift or that what I was experiencing was out of the ordinary.Growing up as a medium kept me grounded and gave me a whole new perspective on life. Also, having a father in Law Enforcement, helped me to discover that I had a “detective” aspect to my gift.In recent years, I started doing readings on close family and friends. It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I found my true purpose in life was to help those that couldn’t help themselves. I started working on missing person cases, homicides, cold cases, etc. I am also able to connect with those that are in comas or vegetative states. This I found useful with a hit and run case that I was successful in helping to solve.  I have all of the psychicsenses; clairvoyant,clairaudience,clairsentient, clairtangency, clairgustance, channeling, telepathy.I am extremely empathic and experience everything in first person, as well as, a medical intuitive.My readings are very fulfilling, dramatic at times, emotional and honest.I really love what I do and love that I can help people connect and find the peace and the answers they need.